Being a High Value Woman

I get asked all the time how you can keep a man interested for the long term- and while I have taught many classes on this at the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute (you should join, don't miss out!) - one foundational one is this one- and you can't keep attraction alive without it--->

The woman that LIVES vs the Woman that lets herself go.

A foundational aspect of being a high value woman is all about the standards you set for yourself-

I want you to repeat this Gio'ism as my Embodied Feminine Woman Institute members call it- this is one I have on repeat there....

"A high value woman takes care of her needs, even when she doesn't feel like it."

That's anthem right there. Or said like this:

Are you growing everyday?
Are you more emotionally free and healthy every day? Or more insecure, depressed, isolated, passive, waiting for life to start?
Do you take care of your body? and move every day?
Do you practice self-care?
Do you accept crumbs from men or attract and accept only the best from them?
Do you have a social life that is full and rewarding? 
Do you keep yourself in an abundant state of options?
Are you living your life to the fullest?
Or do you isolate every day more as your world becomes smaller?
Do you live for something bigger than yourself- a purpose or vision of helping others?
Do you give your gifts to the world?
Do you enjoy life and your passions?

What are you standards for your life? What will you etch into your life story when it ends? This is the diametric opposite than trying ot be perfect, which is against everything up there- it is our willingness to take our life into our own hands and make something of it that brings us happiness, peace and life and in turn, turns us into radiant, happy, empowered women who expect the best from life because we live up to our best.
Time is the most precious resource- and we can use it to expand our lives and raise our standards or become smaller and more alone each day. Each one of us chooses every day to let go of ourselves or build ourselves up with proper self care and standards.

Life can easily get in the way, and this isn't linear (meaning perfect all the time), we ebb and flow with life's demands but our center should always be ownership of our own lives and our own standards.

You want to keep attraction alive and burning hot?

It's in who you are being when you aren't with him, who you are for YOURSELF.

This keeps it hot and highly attractive to any man. What can you do today that will bring you more happiness? Wellbeing? Fulfillmment? MOve you away from the fear and oppression of scarcity? How can you be with your emotions and nurture them, and make yoruself feel safe and loved?

Our worlds become so small so easily, we can neglect ourselves so easily, we have all been there. However this isa reminder to put that energy back on to yourself like a High Value Woman and invest in yourself.

You are always loved,