Is Liking Him Enough?

Hi beauties,

Today I want to reassure you in this-
If a man isn't making you a priority, moving the relationship forward, treating you with his affection, love, pursuit- protecting you, getting more involved in your life- and if he is basically offering you any level of crumbs-
Liking him, admiring him, admiring his success or who he is-
--> doesn't cut it and never will.
You deserve SO much better than that, you deserve 100% commitment, you deserve to have it ALL.
Leaning back and attracting- instead of chasing after a man, protects you and acts as a filter for the best men for you- it filters out the men that won't be here to offer you their best.

LET HIM LEAN FORWARD AND SHOW YOU WHAT HE HAS TO OFFER YOU, and then decide based on his actions, not just your feelings.

Pace dating and don't get early attached, keep your manfunnel and choices open--->

All of these and more create your best protection mechanism and deliver to you the best man for you- one you feel crazy about- and he feels even more so about you.
Remember- you deserve 100% commitment and no less. You deserve to be treated just as well as your feelings are strong for him.
Don't go by your feelings ONLY, go by HOW HE treats YOU.
Here to remind you of this every day. 
You are always loved,