4 Ways to handle and get out of the "Dreaded texting relationship"

You know when you connect with a man and he seems to only text you and not actually move to ask you out------and the texting continues.......no dates, plans, forward movement?

Here are 4 High Value approaches to this, scripts for text responses to get out of the Text Trap:

1. Let him know he's angling near the friend zone:

"If we keep only texting like this we might end up becoming Pen Pals! Texting buddies is kind of cute but also kind of weird.

2. Let him know his game isn't impressive:

"You must really like me if you are texting me this much. 😝. . I think I'm more of a men-who love-in-person-dates kind of woman. This is definitely different."

3. Set a classy boundary:

"Hey its been great getting to know you, and texting only isn't really my thing. Let me know if you want to do something more sometime."

And don't respond any longer until he texts you with concrete plans.

4. Let him know he's got competition

"You know this is definitely a first for me, texting only, I usually have guys plan dates directly."

Or a bonus 5th one which is the one I would go with:

I'd just fade out and stop responding, focus on other men who are coming towards me.

Your choice boo! <3

There you go, try the one that feels the best and set boundaries........like HVW! Using humor, class, sass and confidence- and standards!

You are always loved,