Let things spin out as an act of self love

As you grow more and more in self esteem you realize you don't have to react to things, you don't need closure as much as you thought you did- and you can let things spin out, let them be....

You don't always have to have "the talk" with a man, you can let things spin out on their own- observing him, learning who he is, and letting things be- if he's for you he will step up, if he isn't he will step out.

Part of why clinging repels love, is that it comes from a deep lack of love within us- we are grabbing, forcing, holding on (picture your hands in a tight hold on something, feet yanked into the ground pulling with all of your energy.)

That constant pulling (clinging, pining, pursuing, obsessing) is draining your life- your very life energy, and wasting your life. WASTING LIFE, WASTING TIME, WASTING YOUR BLESSINGS.

People will spin themselves out-- haters will spin out (their wasted energy on you robbing them of healthy, wellbeing and their own opportunities.) Critics will spin out, and the men in your life, pursuing you will spin out- step up or step out. You really don't have to control much in that regard. Just be.

Let things be, they will unravel, become what they need to. You don't need to have the talk always, let things spin out, and lean back and when you are with them, be there be present, when you aren't, watch like a Goddess while your energy is on moving you forward, on you growing where you need to, in taking care of you, and on the things that fill your life and soul up.

Next time you are tempted to fire off that text asking, "Why haven't you called me????"

Just let things spin out on their own. You'll know and better things will be coming in.

You are always loved,