Men's 2 Biggest Fears when it comes to Marriage

Men's 2 Biggest Fears when it comes to Marriage

Had Dinner the other night with this man and this is what he said about marriage:
My client fronts a Fortune 500 company, has lectured at Harvard, speaks 4 languages, has travelled to over 70 countries, he won awards for his time in the military for his bravery and leadership, he is a yogi, in incredible shape.....but he's never been married.

After the passing of his father, he realized it was time to give this his focus. He is coming to work with me to create long lasting love with an amazing woman.

When the conversation finally got vulnerable, he said to me: "Gio I don't know any man who is married and is happy. My best friend was full of life for all the years I knew him. He married this woman who literally keeps him on a leash and his light just went out. He is a ghost of who he was. No man I know who is married feels appreciated, in fact they all tell me they feel neglected and like nothing they do is enough."

"I sometimes feel women are open and beautiful and so fun and playful and as soon as they want commitment or something from you they change, no more fun at concerts and intimate talks, it's like it all just changes."