Fantasy Relationships + Repeating Patterns of Emotional Unavailability
"Gio I haven't been able to get over him in 6 years. We've been friends for 7 but I've liked him for 6."
Gio: " So have you dated him or kissed him at any point in those years?"
Client: "No. But we have been good friends on and off. We start hanging out and getting close but then it never gets closer and I push away and reject him- but then always fall into it again."
Gio: "Why do you feel protective of him?"
Client: "because he is such a good person Gio, he is just a bit socially awkward. He is awkward around girls."
Gio: "It also seems like you put him on some sort of purity or goodness pedestal?
Gio: "So tell me about your dad?"
Client: "Oh he was a great man but I never felt connected to him, he also has mild autism...and I always felt scared people would mistreat him.....but one thing that was good is that he was never unfaithful to my mother. My mom married him for that as one her top reasons."
Gio: "So you are in love with a man who is emotionally unavailable to you, struggles with social cues you need to protect him from and is awkward around women giving you the false projection of believing he will never cheat on you......"
" you think you are dating a man whom you subconsciously believe will give you the relationship you always wanted with your father?"
Update: As we healed the part of her choosing this man, she actually quickly began losing attraction for him, and got over him. Within weeks of working through all of this and aligning her life a true masculine man came into her life, she attracted a relationship with a great man, after years of being single


*any client/coach interactions are based off of several dozens of client interactions and not an actual conversation had.