What does it mean to be mysterious?

Women often ask me-
On a date should I be talkative?
Should I ask questions or not?
Should I let him lead the conversation?
And while I understand where these women are coming from having read articles that try to set out boundaries for women who don't have clear ones when meeting men- the real answer to all of these is what is actually BEHIND these answers-
Men often refer to it as OPENNESS.
"she was so open Gio, I loved it."
"She was so easy to get to know Gio, I didn't jump through hoops, she let me in."
"When I was with her I felt like I could breathe again, I felt like she knew the real me."
What this is is- when you show up on a date---->
Do you show up hungry for attention or super insecure.... needing validation, in your head, judgmental, talking AT a man instead of to him, trying to push the conversation (so pushy and forceful), interrogating a man, trying hard to get his approval, wanting that second date.....future pacing, guarded......
All heavy, dense, already full space- because all of this is taking up a lot of space.
All of these are taking energy-
If he is there and you are there, your low energy is trying to derive or take from his energy...before he has offered it up himself.....
or your light is switched off and his is on- instead of your light and radiance being bright, brilliant and ON- warming and lighting the room around you...
It looks like:
"I am on the date and I am so hungry from self-neglect and poor relating I am there trying to see what I can get"
A High Value Woman is in an abundant state on the inside of herself- so she leans back and has a lot of space for a man.
She isn't there to see what she can get, she is there to have a good time, enjoy the man she is with and then make a decision as to if she wants to go on another date...but her energy is spacious-
there is presence for the man, he feels seen, received, connected to, heard0 the energy is easy going, spacious which is another word for light....
When a woman has spaciousness she wants to hear what a man says, she is taking things as they come, not rushing or forcing anything, she is comfortable in her own skin, she is good.
She can flow easily, allow a man to be himself, allow him to lead, allow the conversation to flow back and forth and take a life of its own-
Leading a man to feel he is with a woman he can escape with into an incredible space together.
So its not about a rule-- it is about your energy----
Is it clear, spacious, light, flowing, open, self sustaining and empowered?
or dense, hungry, heavy, leeching?
At the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute we teach women how to clear their emotional bubble energy- their toxic emotional buildup and begin feeling abundant, at ease and connected on the inside- which builds their self-esteem, confidence and radiance on the outside.
You are always loved,

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