Relationships Make The World Go Round

One of the most dangerous places someone can find themselves in is a place of isolation and unfortunately it is so common nowadays.

Loneliness is so prevalent and as a client of mine shared with me when we began our journey together last January, "Gio, the loneliness is palpable, like physical, it feels like it is smothering with a thousand tons of pressure and I can't breathe."

And while I am so happy to report she is now in an amazing relationship with a quality, integrous, amazing, masculine man- AND through our work at the EFW institute she learned how to cultivate deep emotional intimacy (the solution to loneliness in relationships)....

We didn't stop there—we helped her create a wide network of relationships with quality humans. As she slowly followed our suggestions, we built a path for her to recover her life from isolation.


She is now rooted and connected in local community.

Has incredible local friends.

Has made life long sisters at our Embodied Feminine Woman Institute whose she meets with online and some locally.

She healed her relationship with her parents (as we helped her mend the rifts and misunderstandings, the wounds driving.)


She learned how to express her deepest authentic self and how to be seen, heard and known.

Her quality of life shot up, she began experiencing wholeness and peace instead of daily dread and anxiety and fear…


See it's not just about getting a man-tis about getting right with life...

With our relationship to ourselves, to our lives, to others and to alignment so we can attract an amazing man and partner & sustain that love throughout the years.

That is what the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute is all about- becoming whole, happy, empowered, peaceful, radiant, irresistible and attracting to you the life you were meant to live—WHICH WAS NOT MEANT TO BE LIVED ALONE.

You were meant to be cherished, adored and helped—when you do life isolated and alone the shield your support system is meant to be is gone. Life becomes 1000X harder.


And believe me, I understand why people isolate. Communities, families and friends in our past may have caused so much pain we protect hard against being wounded like that again, but often we also lose the ability to sift and navigate to quality relationships and give up on all the support we need in life. And as we become isolated instead of healing, we fester inside… wounds bleed and our life is smothered away…


I created the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute to help you be in the most loving community you've ever experienced, to have daily support and guidance, sisterhood and help every step of the guided way to love with an amazing man.

You are a human being, you aren't exempt from needing encouragement, love support and SO much more.

We are opening doors to our EFW institute in a few weeks for our official YEAR 2, with massive upgrades and exciting add-ins you won't want to miss.

Stay tuned!

Let's make your 2019 a year of strength, success in love, wholeness, peace, happiness and success in love.

 You are always loved,

- Gio