Why You Don't Want to Lead with Sex

Ladies getting attention from men isn't difficult—a really short skirt, cleavage, big hair, makeup that is sending a specific message.

I think every woman can relate to getting attention from a man and then realizing attention was never his affection—his love, his heart.

When you are meeting a man, you don't want to go for attention, you want to go for connection.

That means you aren't trying to impress him, seduce him, prove your sexuality to him, get his lust going for you…

You see through connection a man feels emotionally drawn to you, connection is a space you create between you and him where you can both get lost in. And when he begins to experience connection with you, his feelings follow.

When all you are going for is attention, you are sending the message that you aren't enough, and when you send the message I am low-value, he won't see your value. You are also in masculine energy because you are trying to force an outcome. You are going to compensate for not being enough by selling yourself for his cheap attention.

His attention does not mean his affection ladies.

A quality man can find a woman on every corner to have sex with, sex in many ways is cheap nowadays, what is very hard to find is authentic, deep connection, from your heart to his.

Connection will give you his affection, not his cheap attention. Lead with WHO you are as an embodied feminine woman, connect with his innermost him- that's where his heart is.

You are always loved,

- Gio

Photo Credit: deutschestyle.de

Photo Credit: deutschestyle.de