When men aren’t mirroring back our worth to us, it has everything to do with how we’re showing up (for ourselves, in our life and with the men) and nothing to do with our value as women.

The Institute helps connect you with your eternal value, which is within you right now, exactly as you are—and then gives you the tools to lead with that inner essence more and more over time and not with the wounds and fears that obscure your feminine radiance and may have had these men pulling away after initially being in hot pursuit.

When you can create intense emotional attraction with a man, they not only stay but they never want to leave! Often it’s when that surface level attraction doesn’t develop into something with soul substance that men move on quickly… then we blame ourselves, usually attacking our appearance or our material level of success or the fact that we slept with him on the 4th date rather than the 11th instead of realising that it’s our capacity to create (and sustain) heart connection and emotional attraction. This first and foremost requires intimacy with your own heart which, if you’re anything like me, was a foreign concept for most of my life because my mind and its thoughts were all I paid attention to.

We’re all here to support you and if you feel drawn to the Institute, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough X"

→ Stated so well by one our amazing EFW graduates and now EFW leader Nada Iancov.

Photo Credit: bytezza.com

Photo Credit: bytezza.com