The Importance of Being Turned Off

One of the most important gut level responses we can have is to be sensitive to when we feel turned off by someone and by someone's behavior.

A man approached you in a not so respectful way.

An acquaintance's approach to you didn't have the best intentions.

It could be a thousand reasons—and yet so often we dismiss their behavior because we are feeling insecure and we need validation. We need to be liked—we need to approve of and so instead of staying present to how it made us feel and whether we want to stay there.....whether or not we approve, we like, we want, and we are turned off....?
We stay, in one way or another. That guy's minimal investment in you is sounding off as a big turn off, whatever his reasons—if your heart stay attached to him despite these turnoffs it’s often a sign you aren't honoring yourself—which means you aren't VALUING yourself.

That turn off is telling you know he is half-assing it—yet there we are.... hung up on his next text.

Staying in any situation where you should be turned off and detached is always a mirror to healing that needs to take place for you-' in your confidence, in your worth. Once you learn how to heal this you aren't a beggar looking for validation crumbs everywhere—you already have it within you… and so the next thing you feel is the turn off—and you detach...

Yep, I don’t want to be here.

Nope, I don't want to respond to that email.

I have nothing to say now, I am going to go do other things...

OK. I understand. However I am now going to move on.

MANTRA: "Although I've tended to be very good about not returning to situations I feel turned off by, I always prioritize getting better at it… and honoring my boundaries, interests and treating turn off responses as filters for where and with whom I should be."

You are always loved,

- Gio