Hi beauties,

Fear is just trying to protect you— in its own way it’s trying to love you. Its job is to make you question the wisdom of doing something by reminding you of the potential danger there is to it.

However Fear, like an overprotective parent, if not met by Love within us, can get out of control and limit our lives—I see so many women living such "safe" and comfortable lives in isolation, not empowering themselves when it comes to love and men—waiting for YEARS until something changes, without being willing to be the change they have to be in their lives.

Listen, we are all afraid, a lot of the time.

And we were never taught how to deal with fear in the right way.

Instead of allowing it to overtake our lives and dictate what we do, we need to lead through the fear.

How many things are you so afraid of doing right now in your life that you know if you did your life would finally move forward?

Online dating? And learning to do it well?

Investing in relationship support to finally get over hangups and blocks?

Going to the gym and being afraid of what you will feel about the way you look?

Afraid of saying no to that man you've been hooked on because your afraid of losing him and facing the loneliness and uncertainty that will force you to do something about your love life?

Making new friends that elevate you?

Participating more in groups and communities?

Getting out there in the world instead of staying indoors isolated from men, from love, from friends, from life?

What is it? And what is the cost of doing nothing?

You are always loved,

- Gio