So I often hear women in sadness and tears tell me how the men in their lives started out being extremely considerate, passionately pursuing them, adoring them, lavishing them with gifts and then over time it's like they stop doing that… and little by little they feel less seen as women. The romance goes out the window.

Then we are told by society this is normal… relationships are meant to lose their spark.

When this happens, we women can start to feel like we are pulling teeth with men, we feel rejected, unloved and hurt. Then we go for coffee with well-meaning girlfriends who tell us about "the red flags" that mean he is a "bad guy who doesn't care about us and should!"

Have you been there? Well I am going to ask you a very important question that has the power to change your love and relationship destiny.

How much time have you invested in actually understanding how men work and understand relationships?

For such a vital area of our lives, I'm guessing very little. Most women expect men to act like women, and men expect women to act like men, and communication goes sideways while painful, old wounds are triggered and run the show.

There is a much easier way- one which so many of our clients has them saying, “This is the easiest relationship I’ve ever had, I am treated like a Queen.”

What is the key?

When our wounds run the show in relationships, most women feel rejected and start controlling, and emasculating a man, and then are surprised when the adoration leaves and men feel clueless in how to give a woman what she needs and begin pulled back instead of really knowing how to deliver for her.

We teach both men and women how to do relationships well, but for today, this is for our beautiful women.

You see when men are not responsive in the way we want, more often than not there is an attraction and connection problem. I'll share more in the coming weeks, but for today, know there is a better, much easier may to have everything you want in a relationship with a special man. You have more power than you think Irresistible Woman!

You are always loved,

- Gio

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